Don Pedro Development Corporation

Don Pedro Development Corporation (DPDC) is a separate 501 (c) 3 organization and primarily serves the development needs of La Casa de Don Pedro. Created in 1994, it provides the expertise to put together and deliver real estate transactions. Since its inception DPDC has been responsible for developing 190 units of affordable housing valued at some $17 Million and over 65,000 square feet of community facilities for a portfolio of over $8.5 Million.

DPDC utilizes it expertise to structure real estate development projects: inclusive of the design of  program & financial concept, market analysis & feasibility determination, land assembly, preparation of the architectural design work & construction documents, securing financial resources and financing, supervising and overseeing construction process & work, as well as marketing and sales, in addition to securing property management when necessary.

DPDC will also engage in partnerships with emerging community development corporations or other non-profits to provide professional development services as their “advisor” or “developer”. DPDC is receptive to joint venturing with other parties with mutually acceptable and unique arrangements to suit the particular circumstances of the development work.

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