LC Homebuilder

LC HomeBuilder was created in 1999 as a for profit joint venture with the Resurgen Foundation.

Since then it has developed a reputation as an honest, dependable builder with a commitment to customer satisfaction. LC HomeBuilder caters to the needs of a wide variety of clients including private developers, government and non-profit organizations.

Over the last ten years, LC HomeBuilder has proven its worth as the primary contractor for La Casa de Don Pedro and DPDC. It has accomplished the major renovation work in all our facilities as well as the construction of our 39 Broadway and First Street centers and our Summer-Stone Street and MLK Homes. It will also be undertaking our latest development – Broadway Broad Retail and Community Facility this year.

In addition, LC HomeBuilder has successfully been the contractor for Unified Vailsburg Service Organization, Ironbound Community Corp, Jersey City Episcopal CDC as well as other non-profits and faith based organizations.

LC HomeBuilder specializes in effective and efficient construction management that allows the customers to feel confident with the quality of their work. It is a full service general contractor offering:

  • Expert & Experienced Management Team
  • Experience with affordable housing projects & other tight budget projects
  • Effective Onsite Management
  • Reliable construction with high quality workmanship & services with seasoned subcontractors and suppliers.

LC HomeBuilder is a certified SBE/MBE in the State of New Jersey

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