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Affordable Homes & Economic Development

Since 1988, La Casa de Don Pedro has built and sold more than 150 units of quality affordable homes which has provided homeownership and rental income opportunities for more than 100 families.

La Casa has completed construction of four quality, affordable townhomes located on Eaton Place in East Orange. All prospetive homebuyers should signup for a 1st time homebuyer class.  Four more new affordable homes for sale are in line for 2019, located in Newark’s Lower Broadway neighborhood.

Eaton Place Townhomes

Four new quality, affordable townhomes at Eaton Place in East Orange.

Featured Amenities:

3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Bathrooms, 2-car garage, Central Air, Hardwood Floors, Kitchen Appliances, fenced in yard and much more! With a sales price of $175,000 we work with working families to prepare for homeownership.

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Real estate development and construction management is carried out by La Casa de Don Pedro’s development entity, Don Pedro Development Corporation (DPDC). DPDC is a wholly separate 501(c)(3) non-profit organization staffed by experienced project managers in the Community and Economic Development Division. La Casa de Don Pedro and DPDC determines its affordable housing projects based on the needs of the community, current market conditions, and available sources of funding. DPDC also collaborates with other regional community development organizations and developers to expand the availability of affordable housing, provide technical assistance, and management expertise.”

La Casa de Don Pedro has completed the following Housing & Real Estate Development Projects:

•2018 Eaton Place Townhomes, completed, 4 single family homes, East Orange.
•2011- 2014 Lower Broadway Stabilization Project, 3 two-family newly constructed homes sold and 1 single family rehabilitated home sold
• 2012-197 Lake Street, 1 single family rehabilitated home, sold
• 2011 -89 Garside Avenue, 1 two-family rehabilitated home, sold
• 2011 -293 Garside Avenue & 60 Arlington Street, 2 two-family rehabilitated homes
• 2009 -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Homes, 11 single and two-family newly constructed homes
• 2008 -80 Stone Street, 17 one bedroom rehabilitated apartments
• 2004 -First Street Early Childhood Education Center, 14,000 square foot flagship early childhood education center
• 2003 -95 Mt. Prospect Avenue, 1 two-family rehabilitated home
• 2002 -Stone Street Homes, 9 two-family newly constructed homes
• 2001 -39 Broadway Community Center, Home of La Casa’s Personal Development Division & Early Childhood Education Center
• 2001 -Mt. Prospect Heights Townhomes, 14 two-family newly constructed townhomes
• 1999 -206 & 208 Garside Avenue, 2 two-family rehabilitated homes
• 1998 -Webster/North 6th Street Two-Family Housing Project, 7 two-family newly constructed homes
• 1996 -Davenport Avenue Two-Family Housing Project, 6 two-family newly constructed homes
• 1991 -Villa Santa Maria Condominiums, 20 e-bedroom and 19 4-bedroom condos, sold for $28,000 and $41,000 respectively.
• 1988 -Mt Prospect Condominiums.  Rehabilitation of donated warehouse into 7 affordable homes, sold between $37,500 and $53,000.

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