Community Building

La Casa de Don Pedro’s community building activities follow the philosophy of active and meaningful community participation based on the principles of transparency, accountability, empowerment, leadership and action.

As a community-founded organization La Casa adheres to the doctrine that neighbors and other stakeholders must have the opportunity and tools to engage in the civic life of the community. To that end, La Casa collaborates with formal and informal grass root organizations and other local “stakeholders” to create a shared agenda in the pursuit of common causes. We do this by engaging in one-time events or more long term initiatives to improve the quality of life in the social and cultural spheres as well as the economic and physical aspects of the community.

La Casa fosters, supports and works with indigenous leadership to ensure that the needs and interest of the community are constantly bubbling up from grassroots networks. We facilitate the sharing of information and ideas so people can be more proactive in their own lives and become engaged in their immediate  community  and beyond as well as provide leadership in these endeavors.

Community Initiatives

  • Revisiting the Lower Broadway Community Plan by engaging its “Quality of Life Vision and Plan“ in order to broaden participation in planning and subsequent action as a unified community.
  • Housing redevelopment, transforming foreclosed properties to affordable housing and in commercial revitalization of the the Broadway Commercial Corridor as part of the Lower Broadway Community Plan.
  • Supporting and fostering block, tenants and homeowners associations, and neighborhood clubs
  • Leadership Development
  • Collaboration and networking with other non-profit organization and local government.
  • Participation in “Sustainable Communities”, a national initiative of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation [LISC] to implement a comprehensive strategy of community engagement and revitalization.

Annual Events

  • Get Out the Vote Campaigns
  • Festival de la Familia Latina, in collaboration with City of Newark office of Community Engagement and other institutions
  • Annual toy drive for the children of local stakeholders
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