Early Childhood Programs

How Do I Enroll?

Contact your preferred La Casa de Don Pedro Head Start or Preschool center location to enroll your child. Provide copies of your child’s birth certificate, immunization records, proof of family income, and 3 proofs of residency.


Where are the centers?

Head Start & Early Head Start Centers

201 First St. (H.S. & Early H.S.) 862.237.9260
87 St. Francis St. (H.S.) 862.237.9330
168 Roseville Ave. (H.S.) 862.237.9380
35-45 Elizabeth Ave. (H.S. & Early H.S.) 862.237.9380
433 South 15th St. (H.S.) 973.242.0696
9-23 Dewey St. (Prenatal/Early H.S.)

Preschool Education Centers

75 Park Avenue, 973.485.0850

39 Broadway, 973.481.4091

202 First Street, 973.350.0530