We started out with three goals in December: Distribute 500 bags of food to our families in need, share gifts to the 1,000+ children we serve, and collect $20,000 to strengthen our programs and services! We’re proud to announce that we’ve EXCEEDED ALL OF OUR 2019 GOALS!!!

Members from large corporations and small businesses alike along with compassionate individuals and teams of volunteers all pulled their resources together to make sure each child in our eleven preschool, infant/toddler and youth and family centers received good, quality gifts!

Not only did our donors help share gifts to each of our 1,000+ children, but we were also able to distribute fresh vegetables, groceries, and over 400 turkeys, hams, and meats! Thanks to your generosity, 650 food insecure families’ dinner tables were a little more plentiful over the holidays.

And, even though we were still short on our financial goals on December 30th, our donors came through in the midnight hour to help us PASS our $20,000 goal!

With over 50,000 people who rely on the 30+ comprehensive programs that address their needs such as early childhood education, healthy living initiatives, home energy and weatherization assistance, job preparedness training, ESL classes, youth enrichment, family counseling, home ownership preparation, neighborhood revitalization, and more, your support is vital. Together, we can achieve our mission to foster self-sufficiency, empowerment, and neighborhood revitalization. We thank everyone involved for their compassion and generosity. Stay tuned to see how your tax-deductible contributions will continue to make an impact in Newark and beyond!

Click here for more info on our donors!

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