Our Comprehensive Network of Programs & Services

Since our founding in 1972 in Newark, New Jersey, La Casa de Don Pedro’s values have been driven by a mission to foster self-sufficiency, empowerment, and neighborhood revitalization, and a deep-rooted history of shared experiences with the community. Recognizing the greater Newark community’s adversity, La Casa emphasizes, celebrates, and nurtures core values of advocacy, responsibility (civic, personal, fiscal), education, home, diversity, and creativity in a culturally sensitive and caring environment.

La Casa de Don Pedro offers a comprehensive, proven, nurturing solution that addresses the social determinants of health, providing safety, stability, tools, resources, and opportunities that enrich peoples’ lives and builds social capital, helping them overcome their adverse experiences and become economically prosperous. La Casa meets people physically, culturally, and psycho-socially, where they are, and are flexible to their needs.
La Casa de Don Pedro provides prenatal care and parenting education, gives children a head start with Early Head Start, Head Start and preschool, addresses food insecurity, enriches youth with education, recreation, the arts, and advocacy. La Casa counsels families facing psycho-social issues, builds supportive networks for marginalized people (often immigrants), empower domestic violence victims, and prevents illnesses with health education, screenings & care. La Casa builds and sell quality, affordable homes, prepares adults for homeownership, higher education, training and workforce, helps immigrants adapt to the US with English, citizenship, and legal immigration assistance, revitalizes neighborhoods, repairs homes, helps families conserve energy, and provides emergency financial assistance.