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  • La Casa's signature program was "Familias Unidas," New Jersey's first biligual/bicultural daycare and youth services program for delinquent youth, which started in 1972.

Preschool, Head Start & Early Head Start

La Casa offers free, quality, and culturally appropriate early childhood education with an English/Spanish bilingual program to Newark residents.



Three traditional preschool centers are operated under Newark Public Schools and are accredited by the The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). The Pre K experience is designed to provide a welcoming learning and socializing environment.  Children learn by playing and exploring their interests while being encouraged and supported by qualified staff. Pre-K education is demonstrated to significantly improve a child’s learning and readiness for kindergarten. The program serves 255 children ages 3 & 4 at its three centers and children receive free freshly made and shared family style meals daily (breakfast, lunch and pm snack.)

Division Director: Yun Shin

Preschool Centers

Early Childhood Center I – 75 Park Avenue

Josephina Terry, Center Director

jterry@lacasanwk.org / Tel: 973.485.085


Early Childhood Center II – 39 Broadway

Wanda Recio, Center Director

wrecio@lacasanwk.org / Tel: 973.481.4091


Early Childhood Center III – 202-216 First Street

Gloria Jerez, Center Director

gjerez@lacasanwk.org / Tel: 973.350.0530


Head Start and Early Head Start

La Casa runs five Head Start centers in all of Newark’s wards.  The program is very similar to traditional Newark preschools except that it is for income eligible families only. The program also offers special integrated supportive programs around  health, nutrition, and family wellness.


  • Head Start/Pre-K & Early Head Start Center IV – 201 First Street
    • Wanda Medina Rodriguez, Center Director
    • wordriguez-medina@lacasanwk.org / Tel: 862.237.9260
  • Head Start/Pre-K Center V – 87-89 St. Francis
  • Head Start/Pre-K Center VI – 168-174 Roseville Ave
    • Adriana Cabrera, Center Director
    • acabrera@lacasanwk.org  / Tel: 862.237.9320
  • Head Start/Pre-K & Early Head Start Center VII – 35-45 Elizabeth Ave
    • Rosario Rodriguez, Center Director
    • rrodriguez@lacasanwk.org  / Tel. 862.237.9380
  • Head Start/Pre-K Center VIII – 432-437 South 15th Street


  • Summer Program: M-F 8:00am – 4:00pm
  • Preschool School-Year Program: M-F 8:25AM – 3:05PM
  • Wraparound program: M-F 7am – 8:25am and 3:05pm – 5:30pm. Wrap around program is only available for income qualified families or with a fee for individual families.


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Newark Resident, with three proofs of Newark residency
  • Head Start: Age 3 or 4 on or Before October 1st
  • Early Head Start: [6 months]
  • Proof of immunizations
  • Universal health exam
  • Special income requirements for Head Start and Early Head Start (contact your desired center to learn more)


Program Highlights:

  • The only English/Spanish bilingual/bicultural learning environment in the City of Newark.
  • Board of Education curriculum
  • Fully certified and licensed professional instructional staff
  • 2 trained instructional staff for 15 children – with supportive volunteers assisting in all classrooms
  • Modern and fully equipped centers
  • Fresh, healthy, and delicious family style breakfast and lunch provided by La Casa’s very own kitchen “La Olla”


Summer Program

The eight week Summer Enrichment and Literacy Program offers a meaningful literacy experience to foster and promote reading, writing, speaking, listening and language development. Certified teachers adapt activities according to individual needs andthe  interest of each child and the whole group. Play and recreation is part of the daily schedule. Children receive free freshly made and shared family style meals daily (breakfast, lunch and pm snack.)

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