Through La Casa de Don Pedro’s home energy assistance program we can also provide energy conservation and home improvement measurements that save energy and reduce renter and homeowner energy costs. These home energy improvements are classified as “weatherization” work. Weatherizing homes and rental units can include such measures as repairs/replacement of heating units, insulation and other measures.

Income eligible households [homeowners and rental units with eligible tenants] will have an energy audit conducted to determine energy deficiencies such as poor insulation, or improper functioning heating units, to determine the needs and develop a plan of action or measurement to optimize energy conservation. This will mean direct savings on energy bills.

With owner /landlord permission a certain level of work will be provided immediately, such as caulking and door sweeps, etc., while more significant items such as boiler repairs, insulation and window replacement will be contracted out to private companies under the supervision and oversight of La Casa. All work is inspected by La Casa technicians and in certain cases by NJ State monitors.

Weatherization is provided at no cost to eligible households – tenants and homeowners. For multiple dwellings and investment properties the owner may be subject to sharing the costs of the energy conservation improvements. However the benefits in terms of immediate savings and improved property value, as well as “warm and comfortable tenants”  are all positive considerations that make weatherization a winning option.



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