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  • Family Success Center I
    23 Broadway
    Jessica Vierajviera@lacasanwk.org / Tel: 973 483 2703
  • Family Success Center II
    282 First Avenue
    Jessica Vierajviera@lacasanwk.org / Tel: 973 482 9002
  • Legacy Program
    23 Broadway
    Tel: 973 483 2703

Family Development

La Casa de Don Pedro provides individual, family and group counseling services. Families and youth can walk in or be referred to La Casa to participate in a variety of counseling activities and support groups.

La Casa de Don Pedro staff is professionally trained in various social service skills and conducts intake assessments of presenting problems. Often the initial issues are only the surface of more complex problems that require in-depth counseling to identify and/or in obtain assistance. La Casa de Don Pedro strives to provide comprehensive programming that addresses the complexity of human dynamics and life experiences in a holistic manner.

Legacy Program

Legacy is a parenting program provided within a community of peers, where mothers decide what works best for their child and family as a whole. It is a learning process supported by a nonjudgmental and professional group leader. This program covers a wide range of child development knowledge and parenting skills including: basic care, health, and safety- language and literacy – social and emotional skills – playing and learning-behavior guidance and limit setting-praise and encouragement-

Pregnancy and motherhood is an exciting time, full of physical and emotional changes. Expectant women often have questions about these transformations as well as the upcoming birth. We
believe that women who are well informed and are prepared with skills and strategies will have the confidence to create a calmer and more satisfying pregnancy and motherhood. Our prenatal
and parenting education classes provide information and guidance to mothers as they make their way through these amazing transitions.

The program is located in McKinley School, one of our partner neighborhood schools.  It includes free transportation, incentives, and child care!


Family Success Center

As part of a statewide program to reach and support family success, neighborhood centers are situated in various communities. La Casa has two centers, one in Lower Broadway and a second in the West Branch Brook Community.

Family Success Centers (FSC) provide a convenient local point of contact for ascertaining and accessing services and benefits from tax information to school enrollments, from medical care to parenting skills, etc. Where services can be accessed directly within La Casa a simple transfer to the appropriate program can be made. For services outside of La Casa a referral is provided.

The FSC also offers a drop in location for neighbors to interact and share common interests, such as sewing, cooking, craft classes and a variety of other activities. Local councils provide an opportunity for residents to share concerns and move to individual as well as collective actions.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • All are welcome to visit the Family Success Centers.


  • Center I: Lower Broadway – 23 Broadway
  • Center II: 282 First Avenue

Parenting Workshops

La Casa offers a six week, eleven session workshop and lecture series on parenting for children ages pre-natal to six years. These focus on developmental and health needs of children and mother, and child rearing.  Also included are peer groups and inter-generational activities. The workshops are scheduled throughout the year, please check the website or call our center.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • These workshops are open to interested parents or parents to be.

Domestic Violence Advocacy

La Casa de Don Pedro’s trained staff, including a certified social worker, assists the victim and family members to ensure they are safe, receive advice and counsel to manage their health and well being, and to obtain legal protection as well as alternative shelter when desired in the aftermath of the crisis.  Through collaborations with area shelters and residencies, victims can be placed in emergency housing or assisted in relocating.

Victims and potential victims can participate in peer group sessions to better understand their situations and bear witness that there are options, learning from those who have moved on and improved their lives even after being victims.

Program Highlights

  • The Spanish/English bilingual and culturally appropriate domestic violence treatment program for the Latino population in Essex County.
  • Special program specifically for the children of domestic violence victims in recognition of its impact to the extended family.
  • Peer group support network.
  • Court Advocacy

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Open to all persons and family in need.
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