La Casa de Don Pedro is committed to providing our community with the information needed to exercise our right to vote.

Please see below for important dates, frequently asked questions, and helpful links or email for assistance.

Key Dates:

Oct 13                               Voter Registration Deadline

Oct 20                               Recommended Deadline to Drop off or Mail Ballot

Nov 3                                Election Day

How Do I Make Sure I’m Registered to Vote?

Check your voter registration info on the online voter system through the NJ Division of Elections. It also enables you to track your paper ballot once it’s submitted. Check your voter registration today!

How Do I Register to Vote?

To register online, New Jersey residents visit If you’re NOT a New Jersey resident, visit

You need your date of birth and one of the following forms of identification: A current and valid Driver’s License or a non-driver ID or a social security number along with your digital signature. 

Register by Mail: Download the registration form, fill it out, print it out and send it or deliver it to your County Commissioner of Registration or Superintendent of Elections.

However you choose to register, be sure to register by October 13th!

Besides this being the Presidential Election, what else will I get to vote on?

Read up on all the official public questions, including whether or not marijuana should be legalized as well as your local ballot questions here.

How do I get my ballot?

Every registered voter in NJ will automatically receive a ballot in the mail. You should receive yours by October 5th. When you get it, open it up, read it over carefully, and fill it out!

How and where do I vote?

There are three ways to vote:

  1. Mail your ballot by dropping it off at any Secure Mail Ballot Drop Box. Find the drop box closest to you here.  In Newark the Drop Box is located in front of City Hall on the Green Street side. But be sure to drop off your ballot by October 20 to help ensure it is counted early and doesn’t delay any election results.

This is what the Secure Mail Ballot Drop Box looks look like:

2. Mail your ballot through the U.S. Postal Service. You do not to add any postage.  But be sure to do so by October 20 to help ensure it is counted early.

3. Visit your polling station on Election Day (November 3rd) to vote in person or to drop off your ballot.

Voting Rights Restoration

People on parole or probation are now eligible to vote in NJ but they must register to vote before the deadline. Even if they have been previously registered, they must re-register. Please help spread the word and be aware if you’re helping out with voter registration. Anyone with any prior state (any state) or federal conviction can now vote if they reside in NJ! Check out these helpful FAQs from NJISJ!

Please help spread the word!  

Remember: The voter registration deadline is Tuesday, October 13, 2020!