La Casa celebrates its Staff Vaccination Rate of 86%

(December 1, 2021) La Casa celebrated a major milestone in November: a drastically improved staff vaccination rate of 86% .

On June 1st, just six months earlier, only 29% of our staff were fully vaccinated.  In this new age of COVID, we knew we needed to not only educate our community about vaccinations, but it was critical to educate and help our own staff get vaccinated, too in order for us to effectively re-open our doors and serve the community. It took a major effort to increase our numbers, and we are grateful to our Human Resources team who implemented and managed new policies and procedures, and our Covid-19 Vaccination Team who helped educate our staff.  Together, we were able to drive up our rate. 

To celebrate this accomplishment, La Casa held a raffle via Zoom for all fully vaccinated staff.  Our Human Resources team coordinated the raffle, which coincided with La Casa’s 49th birthday on November 10th.  Over 75 La Casa staff members tuned in, excited to hear their name called. 

President & CEO Peter T. Rosario and Human Resources Specialist Rochelle Hawkins manage the Zoom Covid-19 raffle celebration. More than 75 staff from 12 locations participated in the drawing.

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