(October 29, 2021) With 29% of HIV infections occurring in Latinx/Hispanic people in 2019, the task to educate and provide resources to Latinx communities about HIV/AIDS is as important as ever. As a community leader founded by Latinos, La Casa de Don Pedro takes this task very seriously by providing education along with testing, counseling, nutritional therapy, and food assistance to Newark residents year round.

Every National Latinx AIDS Awareness Day La Casa makes a concerted effort to reach members of the Latinx community, who are disproportionately at a higher risk of contracting HIV. In fact, a quarter of new HIV infections in the United States occur among Latinos. This year, La Casa’s HIV PrEP Counselor Milagros Puelles along with her team held an outdoor event at La Casa’s 76 Clinton Avenue location to welcome guests with valuable information about HIV prevention methods, medication, as well as free testing and giveaways. The presentations and materials were presented in Spanish though attendees who were not Spanish speakers were assisted in English just the same.

The event was vibrant, fun, and educational, filled with Latinx music, beautiful colors, and friendly guests, eager to learn and do their part to get tested. Visit to learn more about La Casa de Don Pedro’s work in the community surrounding HIV/AIDS awareness, education, and resources.

The courtyard at La Casa’s 76 Clinton Ave location decorated with Latinx flags for National Latinx AIDS Awareness Day.

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