Universal Service Fund

USF is a program created by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities and managed by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs to help make energy bills more affordable for low-income customers. If a household has electric heat, it must spend more than 4% of its annual income on electricity to be eligible. If you are eligible, USF can lower the amount you have to pay for natural gas and electricity.

To be eligible for USF, your household must:

1) Be income eligible according to the income requirements below.

2) Spend more than 2% of your household income on gas and/or electricity; (or spend more than 4% of your household income on electric heating).

If you are found eligible to participate in the USF program, you will receive a credit on your electric and/or natural gas bill to help reduce your monthly cost. The size of the monthly credit is based on total household income and the amount of money you typically pay for gas and electric service. 

USF Income Requirements:

Family SizeGross Monthly Income

You can use the joint USF/LIHEAP application to apply for both programs at any time of year.  Applications are accepted throughout the year.

Download all applications electronically using button below. Clients can submit their program applications, as well as emergency requests and all supporting documents in person, electronically to energyasst@lacasanwk.org, mailed to PO Box 7118, Newark, NJ  07107, or faxed to 973-485-9984.  Additionally, program inquiries and questions can also be sent directly to energyasst@lacasanwk.org .

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