Executive Office, Administration, Development, Communications, and Fiscal

75 Park Avenue
Newark, NJ
t: 973.482.8312
f: 973-482-1883
Email: info@lacasanwk.org

Employment verifications, garnishments and other HR related inquiries should be submitted to this office
221 Broad St
Newark, NJ
t: 973.624.4222
Email: HR@lacasanwk.org

Family Success Center I, Youth Enrichment
23 Broadway
Newark, NJ
t: 973.483.2703

Adult Education, Job Development, Immigration
39 Broadway
Newark, NJ
t: 973.481.4713

Family Success Center II
282 First Avenue
Newark, NJ
t: 973.482.9002

Early Childhood Administrative and Training Headquarters
221 Broad Street
Newark, NJ
t: 973-483-4761

Email: earlychildhoodeducation@lacasanwk.org

LIHEAP, Weatherization, Lead Remediation & Abatement, USF

317 Roseville Avenue
Newark, NJ
t: 973-485-0701 Email: energyasst@lacasanwk.org