Energy Conservation (Weatherization Assistance Program)

Our Weatherization Assistance Program provides energy conservation and home improvement measurements that save energy and reduce renter and homeowner energy costs. Weatherizing homes and rental units can include such measures as repairs/replacement of heating units, insulation, and other measures.

Income-eligible households (homeowners and rental units with eligible tenants) will receive an energy audit conducted to determine energy deficiencies such as poor insulation and heating units functioning improperly to determine the needs and develop a plan of action to optimize energy conservation. This means direct savings on energy bills.

With owner/landlord permission, a certain level of work is provided immediately, such as caulking and door sweeps, etc., while more significant items such as boiler repairs, insulation, and window replacement are contracted out to private companies under the supervision and oversight of La Casa de Don Pedro. All work is inspected by our technicians and, in certain cases, by NJ State monitors.

Households receiving certain benefits such as TANF, SNAP benefits, adoption subsidy, and SSI may qualify even if their income exceeds the qualifications on the chart.  A complete application is required including income and supporting documentation.

Income Requirements:

Family SizeGross Annual Income ($)
Each Additional Family Member$10,760

Are you a landlord serving the low income community and want to improve the energy efficiency of your building? Are you a homeowner with high heating and cooling bills? Are you a renter who could use a little energy conservation help? Contact us at 973-485-0701 or email us at

How Do I Apply?
(Essex County residents only)

Click here to download a printable version of the Weatherization application, fill it out, and email it back to us at

Click here to download a printable version of the Weatherization application, fill it out, and mail it to: La Casa de Don Pedro, Attn: Weatherization, PO Box 7118, Newark, NJ 07107.

Click here to download a printable version of the Weatherization application, fill it out, and fax it to 973-485-9984.

Essex County residents can also submit their Weatherization applications as well as emergency requests and all supporting documents in-person at 317 Roseville Ave, Newark, NJ during the following hours: Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday from 9AM-4PMWednesday from 9AM-6PM, or the second Saturday of every month from 9AM-1PM (Third Saturday in the event of a holiday). We are closed Fridays.

We have paper applications as well as kiosks available at our 317 Roseville Ave site to submit your application. However, to expedite your wait time, please click here to download the application and bring the completed version with you along with all supporting documents.

Please Note:
All applications must be fully completed (including all supporting documents) before it can be processed and passed onto the State of New Jersey for review. If you submit an incomplete application, we will send you a denial notice and a letter listing all the pending required documents and information.

Any Weatherization-related inquiries and questions can be sent directly to