Community Needs Assessment

La Casa de Don Pedro is looking for your feedback to improve our programs and services. Lift your voice by filling out this quick survey!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is La Casa de Don Pedro collecting this information?

As part of our strategic planning process, this data will guide La Casa de Don Pedro’s work over the next 3 years. Our goal is to improve upon the foundation we’ve built over the last 50 years by elevating our community over the next 50 years. 50 y Pa’Lante!

When can we expect to see change in Newark and Essex County based off of these answers?

The data collected in this Community Assessment will be analyzed throughout 2023 and changes to our programs and services will be implemented within the next 18-36 months.

Will you share my personal information?

La Casa de Don Pedro will never share your information with a third party. The data collected is for internal use only and you will only be contacted if you request a follow up on Question 32 of the survey.

How does this Community Assessment help me?

Your participation is vital to the success of our programs and services. By answering truthfully and thoroughly, La Casa de Don Pedro can ensure that we are providing the programs and services needed to empower our community members and revitalize our neighborhoods.