Adult Education

La Casa’s adult education supports adults interested in sharpening their educational skills to attain their high school equivalency certificate, improve their English skills, or prepare for the U.S. Citizenship exam.  Instruction is provided in classrooms as well as through individualized directed computer learning.  Some programs may require a registration fee.


39 Broadway


HSE Preparation

Classroom and computer self-directed instruction allow persons 17 years or older who have not earned a high school degree to pursue a high school equivalency certification/degree. English and Math classes are the focus of the classroom instruction while these and other subject areas are available through individualized computer instruction.

Classes are provided in regular cycles Monday through Thursday and individualized computer work can be arranged during business hours. Complete and up to date computer labs offers instructional support and allow for self-directed learning.

HSE Testing

High School Equivalency English Testing (HSE)/Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC) testing is available in Spanish and English. View the Spring 2017 HSE Testing Calendar Here.


To take the NJ HSE-TASC Test, you must be a resident of New Jersey. You must not have graduated high school or have a high school-level certificate or diploma. You must not be currently enrolled in high school, and you must be at least 16 years old. If you are 16 or 17, you need to provide a Certificate of Consent to Participate signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Testing Required Documents

You will need two forms of identification to take the HSE –TASC  test, which must show your New Jersey address. You can still take the HSE-TASC  if you are not a U.S. citizen, as long as you meet the age requirements and are not enrolled in high school.

How to Register for the Test

Please attend the appropriate registration date and bring the following documents:

1.Photo Issued I.D. (Ex. NJ Driver’s  license, Passport, or School/College/Employee ID)
2.Proof of Address (EX. utility bill, cell phone bill)
3. Pre-register online HERE.
4.Payment: $92 money order, payable to “La Casa de Don Pedro” (personal checks and/or cash are not accepted).
View the exam schedule HERE.

Examenes de HSE En Espanol

Para ver el Calendario Para las Pruebas de Equivalencias de Nivel Secundario (HSE) En Español haga un click AQUI.

¿Quién es elegible para tomar el examen de HSE?

Para poder tomar el examen de HSE deber ser residente del estado de NJ. No estar graduado de escuela superior o secundaria. No haber obtenido el diploma o certificado de secundaria. No estar asistiendo, ni estar registrado en la escuela. Tener una edad mínima de 16 años. Si tiene 16 ó 17 años de edad debe traer firmado un certificado de consentimiento por sus padres o su guardián legal para poder participar en el examen. Necesita traer dos formas de identificación para tomar el examen de HSE, los cuales deben mostrar su dirección de NJ. Usted puede tomar el examen de HSE, aun no sea ciudadano de los Estados Unidos de América, siempre y cuando cumpla con los requisitos antes mencionados.

Como Registrarse

Asistir la fecha apropiada de registración y traer los siguientes documentos:
1.Identificación con foto válidos (Licencia de conducir del estado de New Jersey, Pasaporte o Identificación de escuela/colegio)
2.Prueba de Dirección (ejemplo: Recibo de luz o teléfono)
3.Pre-Registración a Través de
4.Por favor de hacer un giro postal (money order) de $92.00 dólares a nombre de “La Casa de Don Pedro” (No se acepta cheques personales o dinero en efectivo.)
Para más información, por favor llame al (973)481-4713 / (973)481-4568.

Ver el calendario de examenes AQUI

English as Second Language/ ESL Civics Classes

Classroom instruction is available for non-English speakers to learn English as a Second Language, with three levels of instructions: Beginners / Intermediate and Advanced. Introduction Level: is for individuals who have little or no command of the English language and seeks to provide a simple conversational ability; Intermediary Level: provides conversational and grammatical structure to achieve comprehension, and Advanced Level combines conversational and grammatical structure to permit acceptable language proficiency for the workplace and continuing education.

Small classroom work provides supportive instruction while up to date computer labs allow for self-directed learning.

Classes are provided in regular cycles during the week and some are available in the evenings. Interested persons should contact the office for the upcoming cycles and registration. A registration fee is required.

2018 Course Schedule – Classes at La Casa de Don Pedro 39 Broadway Center

The Next Class Begins July 23rd.
Morning Classes: 6 pm – 9 pm, Monday – Thursday, Level 2
Pre-Registration begins June 21st
Location: 39 Broadway, Newark, NJ


Civics Classes

This course is designed to assist those persons interested in acquiring English as a Second Language, and obtaining the knowledge related to the United States of America society, its history and government as part of obtaining citizenship. The civic class is taught in English and can support improved verbal and listening skills in the English language. Students can also participate in the different levels of English as a Second Language as well as in the Civic classes. The Civic program provides a survey account of USA history and civic society with sample testing to prepare applicants for the written US Citizenship test provided by the Immigration & Custom Services.

Small classroom instruction provides an ideal learning environment for adults and the up to date computer labs allows for self-directed learning.

Classes are provided in regular cycles during the week and some are available in the evenings. Interested persons should contact the office for the upcoming cycles and registration. The Civic Class is provided with no registration or tuition fee.

2018 ESL & Citizenship Class Schedule


This course is for those seeking to pass the INS interview to obtaining U.S. citizenship.  You must be a resident of New Jersey.

Below are some links about citizenship from the USCIS website that might be helpful for anyone looking for information about becoming a U.S. Citizen.  Note these links will take you away from the La Casa de Don Pedro website.

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